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What Is ASMR? For ten years, researchers at Yale University have been trying to pin down the neurobiological basis for this behavior. An article on ASMR porn being a form of light seizure was published in 2012 on a medical blog. True episodes are terrible, but even a minor one can make many people happy. […]
Using search engines to look for porn videos is not enough these days. Why? Because most of the results it shows won’t give you the exact thing you want. Let’s assume you come across one with the content you want to watch. There is a high chance it will be plagued with pop-ups and unnecessary […]
Livecam Models and Performers Everyone loves variety, which is why you enjoy ThePornBlender to begin with. It’s always nice to have a list of live cam sites available, but what if you could get all the same variety without clicking through every site and opening ten new tabs to try to find a cam star […]
The idea of making money with your body is fascinating. I’m not talking about entering the porn industry; you can even start fetish modeling without even showing your face. Depending on what you are willing to do, you can make money with your body by becoming a fetish model. You just need a good attitude and […]
Being intimate with your significant other is one of the most important aspects of any relationship — it helps deepen the bond between you and lets you express your love in a physical way. However, as time goes by and you settle into a comfortable routine, your sex life may start to feel a bit […]
To a lot of people, OnlyFans models seem like they must be living the dream. In return for posting hot photos or videos online, plus interacting with fans in some cases, they get to make six or seven figures and enjoy their luxurious backyard pools all year long. That’s what it might feel like when […]
The porn industry today is much bigger than before. Plenty of adult creators and performers want to join this lucrative business and earn huge money in the process. The increase in the number of creators and performers has given rise to many new porn businesses and websites in recent times. And if you are one […]
Most of us learn to live with compromises to fit in our monthly budget, but don’t we deserve to get what our heart truly wants every once in a while? After all, what is the use of running every day to make the ends meet when we can’t even stop for some luxurious breaks to […]
Introduction! Make sure you are strapped in tight because today we are going to be talking about something very special that you can find in the porn industry. It is of course live cam sites and the huge variety of content that they are going to provide you. If you haven’t checked out live cam […]
When you’re having a bad day, it’s important to have a list of things we like to turn to that will cheer you up. Most of the time, we have the list in our heads, but having it written down somewhere doesn’t hurt either. There are such a wide variety of adult cam sites now […]